Judith Collins is on the warpath, Parliament is in chaos, and Simon Bridges is leading choreographed dances in this iteration of PSA – Indignity War. As David Seymour tables a bill to halve the amount of MPs in Parliament, all the major parties are panicking about who they’ll have to let go.

Jacinda has the power of Political Capital on her side, but must face up against Winston, who is smugger than ever. James Shaw sounds and acts a lot like a young Hugh Laurie as he loses grip on his party to Marama Davidson, and David Seymour is just trying desperately to get an interview. With anyone. Seriously.

As the time of the bill grows nearer, everyone gets a little more desperate. With Judith assassinating lesser-known MPs in the hallways, and knife crime running amok in the halls of the Beehive, will Parliament survive this bill?

Yes, apparently.

Indignity War is a very fun show with incredibly clever writing. I was not expecting to see Simon Bridges spending a long time wanting to fuck roads, nor was I expecting the knife fight with Shane Jones, but the utter bizarreness of the piece is a delight all the same. It is a show that makes fun of those on all sides, and even the media people who cover them, all through the lens of interesting impressions and the medium of dance.

It’s quality, mate.

PSA is on at BATS Theatre twice a day until Friday. Tickets available from here.