This is a show somewhat about the hit U2 song “Elevation” (which I still haven’t heard) and somewhat not at all about that song. From the Fast and the Furious films to fights in Burger King, new partners and the cinematic classic Lara Croft: Tomb Raider, Dean spins a verbose tale of coincidence, ennui and “Elevation”.

Full of hilarity and melancholy as his work often is, Elevation is somewhat on the lighter side, but feels quite intimate in Te Auaha’s Tapere Nui theatre. Though ridiculous at points – I’ll be honest, I keep on thinking about that Lara Croft bit and I continue to love it – the show in the end is heartfelt, and somehow all tied together by the admittedly-average song “Elevation”. Uther Dean is incredibly clever, and absolutely deserves a bigger audience alongside much more prominent accolades.

(No knowledge of the song “Elevation” is needed to understand this show.)

Elevation is on at Te Auaha in Wellington until Saturday this week. Get your tickets here.