Review: Cock

by Emma Maguire October 13, 2019

Cock is tense. It is beautiful, jarringly intimate, and phenomenally crafted. It’s also completely heartbreaking. Circa One’s set (designed by Sean Lynch) inspires thoughts of a boxing ring, or a fashion show – in the round, with bright lights cast down onto a white floor below. The audience sits on three sides; I view the […]

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Review: Uther Dean’s Elevation

by Emma Maguire May 24, 2019

This is a show somewhat about the hit U2 song “Elevation” (which I still haven’t heard) and somewhat not at all about that song. From the Fast and the Furious films to fights in Burger King, new partners and the cinematic classic Lara Croft: Tomb Raider, Dean spins a verbose tale of coincidence, ennui and […]

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Review: Big Dumb Cats

by Emma Maguire May 16, 2019

We are all just big dumb cats, stumbling around on two legs, expecting our feline overlords to hunt food for us to keep us alive. Daniel John Smith’s Big Dumb Cats is part cat facts, part family parable, and all great comedy with a poignant message. Smith’s in the midst of an exciting office fashion […]

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Review: Token African (Urzila Carlson)

by Emma Maguire May 10, 2019

With a few little observations to warm up the crowd, Urzila, “doesn’t pick on people,” she says, and reinforces that she can’t see anyone in the crowd because of the raised seating at Te Auaha’s Tapere Nui theatre. She rolls into talking about Wellington, students, and how nobody in their right mind would ever continue […]

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Review: The Blair Witch Projector

by Emma Maguire May 8, 2019

After a few minutes of technical issues – which may have been an actual ghost in the theatre, who knows! – we’re brought into this show by James Mustapic talking about being unemployed, to which several people in the audience cheer in unfortunate acknowledgement (myself included). Mustapic is going to do a “proper stand-up show”, […]

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Get Mr Gay Wellington to Mr Gay World!

by Joanna February 9, 2012

This weekend in Auckland is the Big Gay Out. Now that wouldn’t be of much interest to us here at the Wellingtonista because Out In The Square, the capital’s own queer festival is bigger and better, but at the Big Gay Out they’re also running the Mr Gay New Zealand competition and Wellington’s Marcus Fenson […]

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