We all know Harry Potter, right? The lovely folks over at Playshop have turned its basic premise into an improv show called High School Magical, full of hi-jinks and comedy of the wizarding sort.

It’s ten years since the Chosen One (who I presume is gifted the title by the audience each show, but was Leonardo Penguin (Sam Irwin) last night) defeated the creeping darkness, and all the folks from Spellington College of the Magic Arts have reunited at their school for their ten year school reunion.

Sexual Health teacher Maude McGill (Pippa Drakeford-Croad) – putting off a frankly impressive Maggie Smith impression – has a dark secret all of her own, while Leonardo Penguin just wants to relive his former glory. Hayley Rose Dyer (Gabby Anderson) wants everyone to follow her on Witchagram and Penumbra Chickweed (Alayne Dick) is almost determined to get everyone high.

Playshop’s known for quality improv and this show is no exception. They bring the whimsy and magic of the wizarding world, without falling into the weirdness of some magical tropes. Every spell ends with ‘io’ – for example, “Open Door-io!” which does exactly what it says on the tin, and the magic has no limits.

High School Magical feels up with the times, which I enjoy, and I’ll never say no to a bit of innuendo. It’s just bloody fun, eh.

There is a main cast throughout the week for the show, as well as supporting artists who pop in as new characters occasionally, and since it is improv the story changes every night, so I know I’ll definitely be coming to High School Magical again.

High School Magical is being performed at BATS Theatre from now until Saturday. Get your tickets here!