I’m out of commission at the moment brain-wise, and couldn’t get to this show, but the work got lovely comments from those there in my steed. The show season is completely sold out, but I’m certain these two will be about town performing at a later date – they’re a talented pair and deserve your time!

Guest review below –

Unusually for improv, rather than ask the audience for a relationship, or location, they asked for something you were passionate about. Working with this, they spun an engaging and creative story – in this case based around a militant anti-scooter group, and their adversaries, a big scooter company – from nothing.

One the main highlights was watching them play about 6 characters between the two of them, swapping roles as they needed, and the whole thing descending into hilarious chaos in the finale, when 4 characters were on stage at once.

90% of the lines got laughs. I counted. Never looked nervous, never got lost, created a fun, respectful narrative based on cursory check-in with one audience member. When it got really grounded, during the romantic moments between two quirky & odd characters, it drew the audience in an even deeper way.

This pair of talented improvisers have an easy, likeable charm about them which adds some immersive depth to this quick-fire, long-form improv show.

10/10, would watch again.