This is the only theatre show currently running in Wellington, we’re told, as Community Noticeboard begins. It’s a little surreal to be back in a theatre – I’ve personally not been in one since like… June? – and it is especially surreal to be wearing masks and spaced out across a traverse in BATS Theatre’s Dome stage. What a fitting first night back – though – Community Noticeboard, explicitly a show about connections people make with strangers?

Using real-life notes found on the community noticeboards at supermarkets throughout Wellington, the show explores the needs, wants, desires, lives and relationships behind the notice writers and readers, realising relationships and creating stories beyond a few words on a piece of paper. Are the stories true? We’ll never know, but I’d like to think that some of them are.

Best on Tap has an excellent improv style that’s grounded and real, taking the good moments with the bad. There were lots of ‘awws’ from last night’s crowd and a lot of heartfelt moments, as well as a scene about a fishtank that I won’t get out of my head for a long while.

The Best on Tap cast – Nicola Pauling, Mary Little, Geoff Simmons, Tim Croft, Barry Miskimmin – are very talented performers with excellent chemistry. Their work is delightful to watch – slick, clever, funny improv that resonates deep in the chest.

If you’re keen on a good night out at Delta Level 2, I absolutely recommend this show. BATS is super stringent with their COVID-19 protocols, and everything feels really safe. Do recc!


Community Noticeboard is on at BATS Theatre in Wellington until Saturday. Tix are very limited, and also here.