This week’s profile takes us to the other side of the Remutaka Ranges for a very good cause. 

1. Hello! Who the heck are youse and what are you up to?

I’m Kylie, and collectively we’re the Parry/Hannen whānau. My 17-year-old daughter and I are walking across the Wairarapa into Wellington to raise money and answer questions about raising trans kids and being young and trans.  The rest of the whānau are acting as support crew, providing hugs, band-aids and pick-ups at the end of each day. Coming to a library near you from June 10th !

The timetable is:

  • June 10th, 2pm: Masterton Library
  • June 11th to 12th: Walking, phew!
  • June 13th, 4pm: Upper Hutt Library
  • June 14th, 4pm: Te Awe Library (Brandon St, Wellington)
  • June 15th, 2pm: Johnsonville Library
  • June 16th: Resting, whoo!

2. Why are you doing this walk? Is it something you’ve done before?

We just figured it was something we could do to help out and maybe answer some questions for people. This is our third walk, but the first time we’re stopping to give talks and answer questions. The 1st walk was ’48kms in a day’ when Mindy was 12 and three years ago we walked from Castlepoint to Waikanae (as you do).

3. How can people support you two now and also trans families in general?

Well, since you asked… we do have a givealittle (money goes to Gender Minorities Aotearoa) and we’d love to see people at our talks. In general, people could support trans families by listening to us, treating us normally and by generally not being dicks.

4. Unfortunately with our country filled with politicians and other grifters dog whistling, it’s not exactly a safe time right now. How do you keep yourselves safe?

Yeah, safety is more on our mind this time. The general feel out there is a bit scary (and ooo have we been called some names). We’re staying safe by having a wonderful team of supporters to call on. This applies both on the walk and in our lives. We’re also very lucky and live in an awesome community who has our backs. Yay, Carterton! Not everyone is as lucky as us. So if you hear someone being hassled or someone mouthing transphobic bigotry, call them out on it (if you can).

5. What are some of the best things to do in the Wairarapa/Wellington? Be it activities or food or whatever

Op Shops in the Wairarapa and food. There are so many awesome places to eat, and our op shops are the best. In Wellington, I love the waterfront for people watching and spotting stingrays.

6. What three actually achievable things do you reckon would make a significant positive impact on the greater Wellington region in the next five years or so?

Re-opening the central library, more GPs and free public transport.