Giant Pile of Rubble Terrorises Wellington City

What the hell’s going on down Maginnity Street?!

One by one, we can defeat this thing

Wrecked cars! A massive pile of rubble! Rescue crews moving in! OMG, the big one has finally hit!

And yet Petherick Tower is looking surprisingly undamaged…

All is revealed after the jump.

Baby, you can share my car

Here at the Wellingtonista we like public transport, but there are times when you need a car to do stuff, like picking up that flatpack cocktail cabinet out in Lower Hutt.

At the moment your options are pretty much limited to borrowing a friend’s car, hiring a taxi, or forking out for a rental, but there is a more sensible option.

It’s called car sharing, and is currently up and running in Auckland through a company called Cityhop.

With Cityhop, you pay a yearly fee (currently $75), and when you need to use a car, you make a booking, then pick up your car from one of the specified city car parks, do your car-related stuff, then return it, paying a $13.50 hourly rate (including petrol!) for its use.

Cityhop’s been running in Auckland since September last year, and according to their website they’ll be opening soon here in Wellington.

Needless to say, we will be keeping a close eye on this. Perhaps now we’ll finally be able to get that cocktail cabinet for Wellingtonista Towers.

Fight’s The Power

Everyone loves a good apostrophe catastrophe. I was delighted to find this one at a chemist near the train station:



I was thinking maybe it’s a product name, like “Dr Fight’s Cold & Flu Remedy”, but realistically it seems like just another sad case of a horribly misplaced apostrophe.

duz no1 prfrd ne mor?

Hotel, motel, Holiday Inn

My room at the Holiday InnI’ve just moved to Wellington, but before I did a proper move, work sent me up for a few days to get acquainted with things, and while I was there I stayed at the Holiday Inn on Featherston Street.

I was kind of excited because over past 25 years, there have been many hip hop songs with mentions of exciting things that happen at a "hotel, motel, Holiday Inn". What extravagances would await me? Perhaps a party that didn’t stop till six in the morning…