WOAP ’16: a burger, a stew and a beer

The mad rush of eating continues, so without any further ado, let’s get into it. The Steakholder at Portlander You know by now how we feel about the Portlander, so of course this was going to be on my wishlist. “Medium rare rib eye with Scotty’s Meats double smoked bacon, fried egg, onions, melted Te […]

Where we’ll be

If you’re trying to stalk the Wellingtonista, and/or find something to do this weekend, here are our hot tips:

  • The City Art Gallery tonight because Luke Buda is adorable and Aspen has a good track record
  • The Aro Valley Fair. Perhaps you can find out for me why it seems that everyone in Aro owns a dog and/or a baby.
  • Trying to find the Wellingtonista on our big night out on Saturday – it would be cheating to tell you where we’ll be, but there may be clues in these posts here.
  • If the poster’s this good the Voom and The Sneaks gig should be good as well. Voom used to be the laziest band in NZ – their songs are so effortlessly pop perfection – but it seems they’ve finally got their act together after many line-up scandals.
  • The Festival Italia on Sunday. Perhaps you could adopt a bad accent and try the “Do you have any Italian in you? Do you want some?” line you neglected to use on St. Patrick’s Day.