Ben Hana, aka Tarzan, aka “Blanket Man” dies

by noizyboy January 15, 2012

As reported in the NZ Herald and Stuff. I remember seeing him asleep on the corner of Courtenay Place and Tory Street, bathed in sunshine, loin-cloth akimbo, home-made aluminium-can dope-pipe resting peacefully by his slumbering body, only a couple of weeks back. It seems weird that we won’t see him there again. R.I.P. (Remember, you […]

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The bookworms be out in force

by Sue Tyler July 21, 2011

One rather delightful advantage of the Rugby World Cup is the arrival of the Downtown Community Ministry Book Fair in July, two months ahead of its normal timing. One might feel a little put out that rugby is screwing with your life, but this Wellingtonista thinks it’s the reverse. Personally I turn into a bit […]

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The cupboards are bare

by Stephen J April 21, 2011

The Wellingtonista is not just about bringing the snark to the deserving. Sometimes we drop the cynical worn-out hipster thing to bring food to the deserving. We need to tell you that the Downtown Community Ministry food bank is just about out of food. Unfortunately, more people need their help than ever before. Yesterday their […]

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