The little Fair that Could – Turns 5

Saturday marks the 5th birthday of Craft2.0, it’s not only wellington’s biggest space for all things bespoke, handmade and indie design, it’s also New Zealands. Which is something pretty awesome and rather special, that’s happened because people keep visiting the fair and discovering all the new talent — and yes shopping. Craft2.0 is held at […]

Bunny boiling

Shadows grow longer, leaves turn to russet and fall to the damp earth, and an autumnal chill settles upon our fair city. So what better time to celebrate the new life and fruitfulness of spring?

Yes, Easter is upon us, so we should prepare ourselves for serious contemplation of the greatest miracle of all. Chocolate.

The good people at Truffle are always ready to help celebrate the abundance of nature, or at least the edible portion of it, and they have some special goodies for the season. Bags of Piedmontese chocolate eggs by Venchi are a snip at $14.95 for 135 grams, and they’re also stocking some special items from Wellington’s favourite alchemists of confectionery, Schoc. Those with a farmyard fetish can pretend that they’re in a Cadbury’s ad and gorge themselves on chocolate rabbits and poultry, while aesthetes might prefer the one-off hand-painted hollow eggs. In the same vein as their Christmas bars (real gold, frankincense and myrrh), they offer Easter chocolate bars flavoured like hot cross buns. What sorcery is this?!?

Poster for Sheba's Dirty Thirties CabaretOf course, when one thinks of Easter, one thinks of cabaret. No? Must just be me then. But it seems that others think the same way, since on Good Friday Sandwiches will be home to “Sheba’s Dirty Thirties Cabaret”. Anyone who’s seen one of Sheba’s cabaret performances (such as at last year’s Midnight Burlesque) will know that “dirty” won’t be an exaggeration.

For those who prefer a more sedate cabaret experience, Eateria de Manon (by all accounts the best French restaurant south of Majoribanks St) is having a tribute to Edith Piaf on Sunday night. For $55 you get a three course meal and live music from local Piafophiles Sans Souci. I’m not sure what will be on the menu for the night, but they are known for such dishes as squash and pork trotter soup, brioche-crumbed lambs brains and squid stuffed with wild goat. While those of a sentimental persuasion can ooh and ahh over cutely gamboling easter lambs, isn’t it nice to think that some of us will be eating their brains?