Ukes at lunch

Two events at the libraryWe love the library. We do. And many of us are in there at least once a week, and not just to admire the architecture. (For some of us it has something to do with those kid’s pacifiers DVDs having just a seven day loan period. But we digress.)

Like the Wellingtonista, the library too is celebrating NZ Music month – they’re hosting a quiz that always ends with the chance to win a well known brand of MP3 player. Nice.

But even better, there’s a performance by local Super Group The Wellington International Ukelele Orchestra this Thursday 12:30pm at the library.

If you are feeling brave enough to visit MySpace, check out some videos here. And should your immersion in the Wellington music scene be as pitifully shallow as this sad individual‘s, then you should consider your attendance on Thursday to be compulsory.

The Hunt Brings Us Life

the hunt!More NZ Music month goodness is upon us, with the release of the Phoenix Foundation’s Samuel Flynn Scott’s solo album – ‘The Hunt Brings Us Life‘.

Those of us lucky enough to receive sneak preview copies were also amused by the very excellent accompanying press release courtesy of ‘Prof’ Russell Brown, which we recommend you go to and read in its entirety over at Public Address. If only all musical acts could approach their PR with such good humour. (Tellingly enough, the last CD that had anything remotely as good was fellow Phoenecian Luke Buda’s PR for his also recently released ‘Special Surprise‘ album, which featured photos of Luke as Rambo and Hercules (although not, we were disappointed to see, Benny from Abba (although, we did fix that))).

As if all this Phoenix Foundation members doing their own thing wasn’t enough, we get the added bonus of a broadcast of Scott’s other ‘other’ band – Bunnies on Ponies – live at Bar Bodega, on National Radio tonight (web stream available here). At 7:30pm. When … hold on … there’s something else on .. around then? Anyway, Scott describes Bunnies on Ponies as…
…hotch potch kind of folk band that combines gentle folk
songs with slightly aggressive improvised arrangements.
We know exactly what he means. And, for those who don’t, you can just tune in and find out.

NZ Music Month at the Library

Wellington Public Library is getting into the spirit of NZ Music Month with a series of free concerts of the course of this week. Our pick of the bunch is the Wellington International Ukulele Orchestra, featuring the talents of Flight of the Conchords Bret McKenzie and local songsmith Age Pryor, as well as an ever-expanding […]