We all knew Petone was part of Wellington

by Martha Craig September 18, 2006

The Harbour Ward comprising Petone, Korokoro, Seaview, Gracefield and Eastbourne are launching a petition campaign over the next 2 weeks to gauge public support for the transfer of the HARBOUR WARD from Hutt City to Wellington City.

They allege that the Hutt Council has failed in its responsibilities to protect buildings, the parks, and the ageing citizens.

There are public meetings planned;

19th September 8pm Muritai School Hall, Eastbourne

26th September Senior Citizens Hall Silberry Place, off Kensington Street, Petone

From my perspective, I think Hutt Council has allowed some beautiful buildings to be annihilated and replaced with such fabulous structures as Rebel Sports.

I also think that the very witty billboard campaign they have at the moment has got up the noses of many Eastbourne residents (imagine implying Eastbourne residents are snooty – the cheek!), and they are behind this move.

I’d be happy to change to Wellington Council. They have cheaper rates. Plus, we all know that Petone is the Riviera of Wellington.

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Williams Gallery

by Martha Craig July 27, 2006

There is a great exhibition at the Williams Gallery in Petone featuring a range of prints by Michael Smither. Most of the art uses fairly abstract forms in a limited palette. I rate them highly. Don’t be put off by the boat picture on the Williams website, because frankly I think there are far stronger pieces than that.

Very appealing too are the prices. Plenty to be had for under $1000, and if you’re in the market to spend more, you can get a lovely big print.

And for the more sensitive amongst you, I didn’t notice any paintings by Patrick Williams starring lady bits. Praise be.

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Stitch and Bitch

by Martha Craig June 24, 2006

Not far north of Wellington is the fabulous Hutt Valley. The jewel in the crown of Hutt City is Petone, and this is the very spot where stitchers and bitchers will be hooking up (craft joke) fortnightly. Any project is welcome, from peggy squares to pipecleaner models of the Eiffel Tower.

The meeting room at Petone Library has been booked for this Monday June 26, from 7.30pm. Unfortunately the venue is not available every Monday, so we’re still looking for the perfect spot.

If you’re keen please bowl on up. The entrance is from the Richmond St carpark. I’ll pop up some signage on the night. There is hot water, but no cups or teabags, so byo please. We do need to pay for the room hire, a gold coin donation is very welcome.

You don’t need to live anywhere near the venue to join us. We like people from everywhere. That includes you Wellington.

Questions? Contact me:

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Fireworks in Petone

by noizyboy June 17, 2005

Here we are recommending you to head North up the motorway for the second time in as many weeks, but we suspect the mid-winter fireworks display to be held off the Petone beach tomorrow night (Sat 18 June), will be well worth it. According to the official press release over at the Hutt City Council […]

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