So that’s what they mean by ‘isolated showers’

Looking south from Waitangi Park as yesterday evening’s southerly change was coming in.
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Any poor sod who was stuck under this could feel justified in feeling picked on by the elements, but most of the Wellingtonista Great Blend team was already safely ensconced in Port Café scoffing fish ‘n’ chips with BYO wine. A Great Blend round-up will no doubt follow from one of my diligent colleagues.

Wellingtonista on Public Address Radio

Well, it aired a couple of weeks ago, but the Wellingtonista vibe is fairly timeless, so, if you missed it first time around, here’s Russell Brown of Public Address fame being shown a night on the town by Wellington’s largest blogging collective…

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Whichever way you do it, it’s going to be a 7.84mb hit to your traffic.

Public Address | Club Politique | Burying One’s Feet

I’m sure Che Tibby won’t mind, but this is one of the finest love letters to Wellington I have ever read. Public Address | Club Politique – Burying One’s Feet