Four and a half things to do this weekend

1. Right now you should go and buy your ticket to the Wellington Girl Geek dinner, because according to their site, there are only three tickets left. And you know you want to go, because a) Brenda is awesome at all things interweb b) I’m speaking and there must be a reason why I’m so hubristical and c) we already mentioned the hopeful swag.

2. On Saturday, you should go to the Gay and Lesbian Fair in Civic Square, because, to quote Sue, it’s “fully licensed with rumours of whitebait fritters”.

3. As if that wasn’t enough of a fair, on Sunday there’s the Newtown Festival!

4. Also on Sunday, the Costume Cave is having a sale of its old costumes, so you should go along and get some new outfits to spice up your life. As a side note, I was going to do a post at one stage recommending that you rent any wigs you may need from the Costume Cave instead of since Creative Showoff in Thorndon they’re $10 instead of $20, but then I was a month late in returning a wig to Creative and they didn’t charge me anything, so that’s nice.

And the half point: Since we know there’s plenty of Aucklanders who read this site as well, on Saturday at 5pm the Aucklandista is having its first meet-up in an extremely untrendy bar near the Viaduct, and so if you’re interested in contributing to the site, you should get in contact to find out where they’ll be and come along.

What up, weekend? 27 April edition

So, what to do over the next couple of days? Do like we do, and do these things:

  • Get your fancy pants on, and head along to the Madame Fancy Pants new store opening tonight at 217 Cuba St.
  • I’m sure you know by now how we feel about anything even vaguely Tiki-related, so naturally Voodoo Mambo at Mighty Mighty ranks highly on our must-do list.
  • Or, if you’re after something more traditional, why not check out the Maori Market 2007 at the TSB Bank Area? it promises to feature

    …paintings, weaving, sculpture, wood, silver, bone, gold, and greenstone carving, clay, Ta Moko or traditional tattoo with items ranging in price from $500 to $80,000.

  • How about an immersive environment of light and sound? That’d be Looklessness and it’s on at the Film Archive. Saturday night sees a “live performance by the artists entitled Light-mantled Sooty Albatross. People are invited to view live in action “the mutli-projector analogue delights: spliced and bubbling marmite collage, eye-bending glass light, and bleached, honeyed sprocket-holes.”
  • Or, if you prefer your birds to rise frm the flames, there is, of course the Phoenix Foundation playing at San Frindigo on Saturday night.