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Review: A view from the bridge

by librarykris July 25, 2014

Eddie and his wife Beatrice live with Beatrice’s dead-sister’s daughter, Catherine in Brooklyn, New York. Beatrice’s two cousins, Marco and Rodolpho, are coming into the country (illegally) to stay with them in order to earn money to send back to Italy.  Catherine and Rodolpho get on really well. Eddie is suspicious of Rodolpho’s motives. Is he […]

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Can it really be the end?

by Anna May 21, 2014

Well the Castle that Cares is on its last week and boy is there a line-up celebrating the highlights and the high-nights of the good ship Mighty Mighty. We’ve Wellingtonisata Awarded prizes there, we’re broken up, pashed up, made up, spewed up, chatted up, felt up and partied hard with the best of them. And […]

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Review: Other Desert Cities

by librarykris April 27, 2014

Lyman and Polly Wyeth are wealthy Republicans enjoying their lives in Palm Springs. Their children, Brooke and Trip, are at their parents’ place for Christmas for the first time in six years. Also staying for Christmas is Polly’s sister Silda. She’s been in rehab. Everything seems to be going well (at least, as well as […]

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Review: Once we built a tower

by librarykris March 14, 2014

The latest Dean Parker play (with songs! and live music!) performed by the Bacchanals follows the lives of Ethel and Gervan McMillan, and Frances and Arnold Nordmeyer. Gervan and Arnold played active roles in the Labour government’s introduction of a welfare scheme in 1938. It looks at circumstances that influenced their thinking on welfare, then the […]

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Review: Miss Bronte

by librarykris February 28, 2014

As we walk into the theatre a woman sits on stage frantically writing in a tiny book. She wears a plain blue dress made out of different patterned fabrics. Her hair is parted in the middle and tightly pulled back. Every so often she pauses, looks into the distance, then scribbles some more. The furniture […]

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New Zealand Festival

by librarykris February 21, 2014

The New Zealand Festival starts with this free event tonight in Civic Square. I’ve heard there will be more dancing than sitting so wear your dancing shoes. Also opening tonight – the Doctor Who Symphonic Spectacular, Deca Dance, Needles & Opium, and Our Broken Voice, plus the visual art exhibitions. See you there!

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Live Leader Board

by Anna February 21, 2014

      Here at the Wellingtonista we’re firm faves of Richard Aindow - former editor of Fish Head magazine, and Quiz Master of Wednesday nights at Mighty Mighty – so we were pleasantly surprised to catch him outside the Rogue & Vagabond last night with a group of lycra-clad lit-up young ladies in incandescent costumes. […]

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The New Zealand Fringe Festival

by librarykris February 14, 2014

The New Zealand Fringe Festival has been going for a week and it’s got just over two more weeks to run. Sadly, I’ve only made it to two shows so far (because moving house) a pathetic effort really, because there are HEAPS. Cabaret, circus, comedy, dance, music, theatre, visual art – there are a lot of […]

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Chapman Tripp Theatre Awards 2013 – Winners!

by librarykris December 16, 2013

Congratulations to all the winners at the Chapman Tripp Theatre Awards last night. The awards recognise the best of 2013’s performances and craft in Wellington theatre. The big winners on the night were Trick of the Light Theatre who won Most Promising New Director, Outstanding New New Zealand Play, and Production of the Year for […]

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Young & Hungry 2013

by librarykris August 2, 2013

The Young and Hungry Festival of New Theatre is on at BATS Theatre. (Happy 19th birthday Y&H!)  It’s an exciting festival that supports young performers and crew in gaining experience in theatre. This year the three plays are…   Dragonlore. Written by Nic Sampson; directed by Richard Dey. Alan, Loren, Dena and Chris are gathering […]

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