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Review: Making Friends Collective double bill

by librarykris December 2, 2016

Stand up love  Freddy is a comedian and has a drinking problem. Ana wants him to stop. Their relationship has problems but they love each other. Isn’t that enough? I find the messy set – a bed with a couch backed on to the bedhead plus living items strewn around – appealing, reflecting as it does the […]

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Preview: Some shows and a party

by librarykris November 29, 2016

Wow this week is FULL of shows and there’s a party at the end of it. Let’s go! Hudson & Halls is still going strong at the Hannah Playhouse. I loved it, Mr Goulter loved it, the Wellington Theatre Awards judges loved it. Don’t miss it. Across the road at BATS Theatre Musique Romantique, Stand […]

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Review: Hudson and Halls Live

by Mr Goulter November 20, 2016

Hudson & Halls Live!‘s Wellington season at the Hannah Playhouse began with an usher  welcoming crowds to the performance, assuring them the theatre had been certified quake-safe, and explaining that some years after the time in which the play was set, one of the protagonists would die of cancer and the other would take his own life.   […]

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Preview: Hudson and Halls

by librarykris November 16, 2016

Silo Theatre is bringing last year’s Auckland festive hit “Hudson and Halls” to the Hannah Playhouse. I’ve heard positive reviews from my Auckland friends and I’m so looking forward to seeing it when it’s down here. Peter Hudson and David Halls were on New Zealand television from 1976-1986 with a cooking show that included camp […]

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Preview: The Rime of the Modern Mariner

by librarykris November 9, 2016

BATS Theatre celebrates 21 years of STAB annual commissions with a production of The Rime of the Modern Mariner by The PlayGround Collective. In this adaptation “the Mariner sets out to sea to catch the ultimate prize, but when he carelessly fells an albatross a curse befalls his ship. Stranded in the north Pacific Gyre […]

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Reviews: The Biggest, and Central

by librarykris November 8, 2016

Two shows featuring asshole* men. What are the odds? The odds are good and pretty entertaining. The Biggest by Jamie McCaskill Stu has had a terrible accident, writing off the car and the boat. His mates – Walter, Pat, and Mick – decide to enter a fishing competition to win him a new boat. Local […]

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Reviews of two shows now on – Lungs and Fred is Cold

by librarykris October 26, 2016

Two plays on now in Wellington – one a story pre-conception, the other a story post-death. Both are very good. Review: Lungs A couple are thinking about having a child. They’re pretty sure they’re good people but a whole new person is a pretty big responsibility. What about climate change? What about their carbon footprint? […]

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Preview: Some shows on at BATS Theatre this week

by librarykris October 11, 2016

PlatonicRomantic Featuring lead vocalist Moana Ete, and accompanied by the rhythm section of Slade Butler and Marcus Gurtner  A Girl Named Mo debuted ‘Mud & Stardust‘ during Fly my Pretties’ August shows. A cool mix of R&B + electronic and one of the prettiest songs I’ve listened to for a while. Each performance will be […]

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Preview: New Zealand Improv Festival

by librarykris October 3, 2016

The New Zealand Improv Festival is at BATS Theatre all this week. See some of the country’s best practitioners and companies in unscripted theatre that’s devised before your face. That’s right – no scripts, no set plays. Here’s how it works – each show will have a frame for the show the improvisers will create.  […]

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Review: Vanilla Miraka

by librarykris September 30, 2016

Performer Hayley Sproull tells her story of a “white wahine’s deeply disengaged bicultural heritage”. Recognising that her Nana’s death meant a loss of connection to her Māori heritage this is a “comedic exploration of her embarrassed ignorance.” (Quotes from the programme.) An elegant set in white pegboard – on one side a whare shape, on […]

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