Stories Told to Me by Girls

Well, after a well-earned holiday, the staff of Wellingtonista Towers are starting to retake their respective blogging places around the spacious and freshly decorated open plan office. First up in our ‘recommended things to do in the evening now that your days have returned to the daily working grind’ is “Stories Told to Me by […]

Backyard Theatre – Misconceptions

-Misconceptions- Strange images on the fax? A dead Okapi in Copenhagen zoo?? Abused blackberries from the freezer??? And Ratty from The Wind in the Willows???? Who the *#@* is Zoe????? Does she really have wings?????? For the answers see “Misconceptions” – David Lewis’ virtuoso comedy, by turns hilarious and heartbreaking, straight-talking and surreal. Matthew and […]

romp pomp a stomp

Dorothy the Dinosaur and friends will be hitting the St James on Friday 22nd July. A goodly number of the Wellingtonist kids went to the Wiggles recently, and no doubt will be wanting to attend this gig too. As Wellingtonist friend Martha says: Anyone who missed the Wiggles – stop crying! Dorothy is coming with […]

Young and Hungry

The latest Young and Hungry season gets underway this week at Bats, with three new plays being staged by crews of (mostly) young and aspiring thespians. This play – The Many Faces of Kelly J Loko – particularly caught the eye. From the blurb… Laptops, i-pods, chat rooms and text messaging – welcome to the […]