Deadly decisions

The thing with theatre is you have to make up your mind to go and not prevaricate, seasons are short and good shows sell out.  Downstage has been hitting the sweet spot recently with sell-out shows like Guru of Chai and the Soundstage series that looks to become an institution.  If you are shy of theatre and not really sure what you would like you should consider booking tickets for Deadly now because you wont be disappointed and the season ends 23 October.

Deadly’s tagline is ‘circus with bite!’ and the performance explores the arch of a relationship using the 7 deadly sins as a device to draw us into the dark sides of a passionate coupling.  It opens with a couple devouring each other, literally biting into each other, they start out sensual and become increasingly aggressive and demanding.  The audience is nodding to themselves, thinking, "Ah, gluttony – ticked that one off. Now, what were the other deadly sins again?" 


I think it is safe to say a few of us were snoozing at 10:10 on 10/10/10 (I think it is also safe to say a few of us were snoozing as the deadline to register for local body elections passed…)

However more than a few people have been spending the day taking some practical action against climate change the old fashioned way with the 350 Global Climate Working Bee.  More than 30 working bees were registered by Wellingtonians with plenty of people putting their shovel where their mouth is and getting out in the garden, taking the wae wae express, fixing up old bikes, going to film fundraisers (probably heading out the door now) and insulating their homes.


It feels bloody great to do something rather than just signing an online petition dontcha think?


On a totally different kick at 8.00pm tonight for those that do like it live and virtual UpStage is back again beaming live cyberformance all night long (with a short intermission) until 4.30pm Monday 11 October NZ time.  If you are wondering WTF ‘cyberformance’ is check out the teaser below.




Downstage using Flickr for backstage photos

Have a look at show pictures and behind the scenes at Flickrâ„¢

Ever wondered what a theatre show looks like behind the scenes? Or you want to have a look at some images from a show before you buy your tickets? Or simply drift away in memories when watching shots from a production you’ve recently seen? Have a look at our newly established photo gallery at Flickr. From now on you can have a look at pictures from shows, rehearsals and behind the scenes at We hope you enjoy them!

On the Wireless

Continuing the fine tradition of mixing up venues for different purposes comes On the Wireless. It’s radio in the theatre! Yay!

The show is three original and hilarious radio plays performed on-stage with live sound effects and live music.
at 6 at the San Francisco Bathhouse on Tuesday December 4. The show stars Wellington actors Gareth Williams (The Lonesome Buckwhips), Brad McCormick(Stones in His Pockets) and Leon Wadham (The Cape), and the Wellingtonista would like to salute all three gentlemen for appreciating that theatre goes so much better with caberet-style seating and a bottle on the table in front of you.

PS: Don’t worry, we’re assured it’ll be finished in time for Quiz

The Hollow Men at BATS

Hollow Men imageJust a quick note to recommend Dean Parker’s theatrical adaptation of The Hollow Men, which is on now at BATS. My position in the theatre industry prevents me from doing a proper review which means I can’t tell you how funny and pointed it is, nor how expertly directed it is (by Jonathan Hendry) or how good many of the performances are (particularly Stephen Papps as Brash).

Several reviews are online at John Smythe’s excellent Theatreview resource so you can get the full down-low from there.

The Hollow Men plays at BATS until Thursday 11 October and then travels to Centrepoint in Palmerston North for a season.

Free tickets to Downstage (limited time, conditions apply)

Finding Murdoch posterThe lovely people at Downstage have offered Wellingtonista-readers the chance to see the new NZ play Finding Murdoch free next Monday or Tuesday.

Reviewer John Smythe at said of the show:

My partner loved it and rugby is not her bag. But then it’s written by a woman about a woman’s desire to achieve and understand, and it’s directed by a woman, so I shouldn’t be surprised. Which isn’t to say rugby orientated blokes won’t like it too. Heading for the car (after the Monday 6.30 show) I bumped into Keith Quinn – of sportscasting fame – and asked him if he’d just been to Finding Murdoch. “Saw it on opening night,” he said. “It’s terrific. You should go.”

There’s more about the show here, and we have 20 double-passes to give away to either Monday or Tuesday of next week. Simply email with the word “Wellingtonista” in the subject line, and the name of the All Black the play is about in the body of the email, and the magic of time-stamping will do the rest. First 20 are in.

Stinky poo, stinky poo

Where's your worm now!?!?Whilst Wellingtonista Towers is home to the funky, the hip and the connected it also houses the dads, mums and general caregivers to the next generation of the funky, hip and connected.

For those that are also parents can I recommend the latest Kapitall Kids Theatre show at the Gryphon Theatre of Spike Milligan’s Badjelly the Witch

Whilst a paid theatre reviewer would probably use phrases such as “professional”, “engaging”, “a delight”, “something for the adults” and “a must see for all the family” my son and I can only say – GO! It’s a total hoot and you’ll love the music (pop), jokes (topical) and acting (awesome).


Where: The Gryphon on Ghuznee [ZoomIn map]
When: now until Saturday 14th of April
Time: 11 am, 1 pm; 3pm Mon – Fri
Price: $10 per person, $36 for family
How to book: 04-934 4068 or just turn up
Age: 3+ years

The Player and the Advocate

the player and the advocate

Oscar is a hotshot young actor in the bustling Elizabethan Wellington theatre scene, loved by the Publick, but resented by the authorities. When he is kicked out of his theatre company for ‘improvising’, he must fight, not only to get his job back, but also to stop the Queen from pushing the country into all-out war…

What if Wellington were the centre of the Elizabethan world, pioneering an explosion in theatre, fashion, new music and coffeehouses at the birth of the modern age?

Awesome. The short pitch is ‘Whale Rider meets Shakespeare in Love’, but the above is the longer synopsis of the plot for The Player and the Advocate – a new film being written by Wellingtonian John Parker.

John’s having a public reading of the feature film treatment on…

Sunday 1st October, 4:00pm
@ Katipo Café, 76 Willis Street, Wellington
Duration: 1 hour (45 minutes for reading, 15 minutes feedback session)
Cost: free!
Featuring: Erin Banks and James Stewart, two of Wellington’s finest theatrical talent

…so feel free to head along and help shape what will hopefully be one of the next great pieces of Wellington film-making at its earliest stages.

More info at the official website.

Young and Hungry 2006

young and hungry. students, eh?The Young and Hungry 2006 season is about to get under way, with three plays produced and performed by ‘yoof’ starting their two week run down at Bats from this Friday night.

This year we’ve got How to Live in a World Full of Terrorists, Generator, and, winner of best title award, Butt Ugly, which also sounds like it has the most entertaining (if familiar) plot: “What happens when all the odd-ball freaks band together and set out for revenge?”

The Y&H plays are always good fun, and have spawned many a renowned thespian over the years – be sure to pop along and spot new theatre talent in the making. Book at Bats.

Stories Told to Me by Girls, second season

Those of you who missed out on the first season of Julie Hill’s play ‘Stories Told to Me by Girls‘ should head down to Happy tonight or tomorrow (or yesterday or the day before that, if you have the technology), to catch a special return season. Laurie Atkinson’s review in the Dom is suitably gushing… […]