At Happy tomorrow night you can hear three of New Zealand’s rising stars of minimalist electronic music:

  • Sam Hamilton
  • Angeline Chirnside aka Jane Austen
  • Nigel Wright

These artists are described in the media release as “wonderful and amazing; think the magnificent beauty of Rosy Parlane, Minit, and Rachel Shearer’s Lovely Midget project. Hell, think of the internationally reknowned Fennesz, Tim Hecker or Keith Fullerton Whitman, if you like.”

In support of the above will be appearing Mr Antony Milton, in his Nether Dawn guise. Antony has just returned from a hugely successful tour of the entire goddam world. The Nether Dawn is Milton’s “ghost blues / sound scultpure” project. Of his recent CD “Whiskey Mute-Down” (released on US label Last Visible Dog) one writer enthused “There’s a tangible sense of calm and wonder in every second […] a gliding shimmer of reverb, ampbuzz, wind and rain that blossoms to the most ecstatic heights of sedated fuzz transcendence; it sounds like it was recorded on a wind swept beach somewhere with sounds of surf rushing and receding in the background, and suggests early Flying Saucer Attack at their conceptual best.”

From that description, I guess Happy will also be a good refuge from Sevens mania.