Here are the nominees for the Wellington Supervillain of the Year category for the Second Annual Wellingtonista Awards (2AWA).

Who controls the traffic lights?
Who keeps starting grammar fights?
They do, they do
Who keeps buses off the maps?
Who keeps lightrail under wraps?
They do, they do
Who’s in love with John McGrath?
Who thinks only of the car?
They do, they do.
Who builds only ugly towers?
Who abuses their all their powers?
They do, they DO!

(with apologies to The Simpsons)

Only the most baddest wickedest and evilest should apply, and they do, after the jump.

A. Terry Serepisos for the buildings

An explosion in a bling factory Wellington’s tallest phallus building? Surely a city so hung up on design and urbanism wouldn’t allow such a thing? Especially from a man with such a bad haircut.

B. John McGrath

We hate on John for the spam, and the annoying vans that drove around, and for calling us out on being “Gramma Nazis” and because one of us lost their camera in one of his bars and we’re sure it was somehow his fault. Also, we hate on him because we’re pretty sure that were he to read this, he’d declare it to be because he’s a tall poppy, and not because he’s a dick.

C. Everyone at UNO magazine

Remember when we wrote about the first issue of UNO and how we hoped subsequent issues would get better? And then the next issue had on its cover “Terry Get’s It” ? And we went “[sic] [sic] [sic]!”? Ew. Please magazine run from some other city which doesn’t even bother to include events listings for the city you’re pretending to be from and is so sad that it needs to be given away because no one is buying it, don’t claim to represent us at all. Because you don’t.

D. Kerry Prenderghastly

Do we even need to explain this one?

E. Rex Nicholls.

Or should that be Wrecks Cuba? Okay, so we like Cafe Italiano. But we can’t think of a single other thing that you’ve done that we do like.