Lunchtime Refuge, originally uploaded by dubh.

Sometimes, and especially when the weather is outstanding, you just have to get outside and away.

Now it turns out there are one or two places in the inner city where refuge may be had. These may well be places we’d rather not share, but that would be rude, right?

So here’s one of mine. On the Queen’s Wharf Outer Tee, on the northern end, there’s six park benches backed on to the warm concrete block wall. Even on a sunny day, there’s usually space and quiet for a while. You can watch the boats and ferries; commiserate with the occasional fisherman (they’re almost always male) on their luck or lack thereof; and listen to the city’s muted roar.

Just don’t go to sleep: you’ll end up sunburned and late for work.

So: that’s one of mine. Where are yours?