NZ On Screen – the brilliant website dedicated to putting New Zealand film, television and music video online – is celebrating its second birthday.

So to help celebrate, let us delve into the NZ On Screen archives and see what Wellington gems are to be seen.

Monaco Monza Macao Wellington (1990)

A TV doco looking at a European racing team’s preparation for the Nissan Mobil 500. Includes plenty of footage of the waterfront when it was going through that awkward post-wharfie, pre-fancy phase, when we were rather pleased to have cars hooning along it.

Aeon (2004)

This gorgeous work was made by then Massey University student Richard Sidey. It captures the city, using sped-up and thoughtfully edited footage, along with a soundtrack by percussion group Strike.

A Nice Sort of Day (1977)

This short film contrasts the hustle and bustle of downtown Wellington with the tranquility of Mana Island. Feature awesome 1970s bushy hairdos, but is a lovely piece besides that.

You’ll have to click through to NZ On Screen to watch these clips, but they’re all worth a look:

Town and Around (1968)

A clip show of the Wellington news programme’s best stories from 1968. It includes the famous “turkeys with gumboots” story.

Queer Nation – Wellington Queer People, Queer Places, Queer Stories (2002)

A special edition of magazine show Queer Nation looks at the captial’s rich gay history.

City of No (1971)

A tele-drama that tackles the issue of mid-life crisis. Features lovely streetscapes of Wellington, and a young Sam Neil as a foxy dude.

The Elegant Shed – ‘The Extroverts’ (1984)

Architect David Mitchell looks at Wellington architects Ian Athfield and Roger Walker, the hip young gunslingers who were changing the face of the city with their bold designs.

The Marching Girls (1987)

Fiona Samuel’s drama series about an underdog Taita marching team’s shot at the North Island champs. The series features two things we don’t normally see on the telly – Lower Hutt and a core cast of 10 women.