The lovely people who are The Wellingtonista have invited me to join them. And so here I am, struggling with my first post.

As someone who works here but lives elsewhere – let’s hear it for Lower Hutt – this site is the misty window I have peered through to learn what Wellington city dwellers get the hell up to after dark, but has also pointed me to all those daytime delights that are constantly springing up round here.

I won’t explain what I’ll be posting about because I have no idea yet. I’ve worked in TV-related jobs for most of my career so The Moving Image might be over-represented. I’ll take suggestions from the floor for things you want to see more of, but to start off I’ll leave you with a picture of what it looks like outside my back gate, and heretically suggest there might also be some Hutt-centric posts coming down the pipe.
A view up the Hutt River
By the way, I’m Tom. Not that one, the other one.