It looks like the Marbecks on Cuba Mall is closing down, leaving the blessed Slowboat and Real Groovy the only music shops in the area.

It doesn’t really come as much of a surprise – record shops today seem to exist mainly for music nerds and CD-buying grans. ’90s-style music shops like Marbecks are a dying breed.

Marbecks Cuba Mall are discounting what stock is left, so if you’re after a slightly reduced copy of Susan Boyle’s album, it might be worth a visit. If not, you’re best sticking to your favourite way of purchasing music.

And for further reading, over at Werewolf, Gordon Campbell recently took at look at the state of Wellington’s record shops, talking to Mark Thomas of Real Groovy and Dennis O’Brien of Slowboat, and wondered how they were surviving in the face of declining sales and Susan Boyle.