Air New Zealand have recently launched a campaign to persuade reluctant Australians to choose New Zealand as a holiday destination. It turns out there are actually some people who aren’t aroused by the thought of scenery, sheep and extreme sports.

As part of this campaign, there’s a Rhys Darby-narrated series of videos, each smashing a particular stereotype about our fair country. So, what location is used to prove to a cool Sydney dude that New Zealand can actually has hipness? Why, yes, it’s Wellington!

Hipster Patrick from Sydney is tricked into going to Wellington and given a tour of the fair city’s cool corners by fashion blogger Isaac Hindin Miller. But here’s the hilarious thing – pretty much all the places they visit are among our favourites, and most have been TAWA nominees at some point.

While some of us will genuinely be concerned that their favourite places are no longer cool now that Air New Zealand has outed them as hipster joints, I think it’s great that a) urban New Zealand is being promoted as a tourist destination and b) these cool corners of Wellington are getting some attention.