Do you ever wonder what happens at the end of the day to the freshly made bread that Wellington bakeries can’t sell? Do you ever wonder what happens to the fresh fruit and vegetables at the markets that are still edible but not good enough to sell?

I can tell you.

For the last few years there have been some magical elves who travel around Wellington, collect up this food and deliver it the next day to 23 different charities which work with disadvantaged or struggling people throughout Wellington.

These elves also operate under the pseudonym Kaibosh

They act as the link between those in the food industry who want to do good things and the charities that are doing the front line work to help those in need. Kaibosh is the great enabler.

That’s a whole lotta goodness

They recently won the Supreme Award at the TrustPower National Community Awards for the amazing work they’ve done over the last five years.

BUT that’s just not enough for these guys. They want to do EVEN MORE amazing work and spread even more food and more feel-good-goodness through the Wellington region. They want to expand the service they offer to Porirua and the Hutt Valley.

Now, Wellingtonista cannot deny the pleasure gained in the eating of good food and drinks at the many fine establishments we have on offer here in our fair city, but what the people of Kaibosh is suggesting offers pleasure in a different form. The pleasure found in doing a good deed. They ask that instead of going and spending your cash on a meal out you spend that money, or at least a portion of it, on improving the lives of those that need our help.

Now this doesn’t have to be the $200 that you were going to throw down on your fancy celebratory dinner at Martin Bosley’s. All it needs to be is the $10 you were going to spend on fish and chips on Saturday night, or the $15 you were going to spend on lunch to get through the work day. It could even be that $50 you were going to spend on going out to dinner with friends.

Whatever it is that you can afford to donate is going to be a huge help to people in our community. A $10 donation will help provide 17 meals to those that need them. That $10 has such a huge impact and you get that feel good buzz that comes with being a good Samaritan.

To find out more about Kaibosh’s Miss a Meal in May campaign click this link and get that good karma rushing through Wellington like a good strong southerly.