I’ve been away this weekend, so not too much to report about what’s been eating in the city other than it’s Matterhorn’s 50th birthday month (yep I was a bit slow cottoning onto that one), the Bureau is open on the Terrace (prior Liquidate folks), and Charley Noble is up and running (check out more details of my first experience at CN here if interested).  So am bound to have double the verbage next week!

Cookie jarBut I do want to mention another delightful product from our clever regional youngsters entered in the 2013 high schools Lion Foundation Young Enterprise Scheme Dragons Den competition.

This time, the Newlands College girls who’ve created the Kerenedi Cookie Jar (see a previous post about the Tawa College lads who created Orange and Ginger Jam).

The girls too have been supported by the City Market and presented their product over the last two weekends.

This is so definitely my kind of quick and easy baking – nearly all ingredients in one appealing jar, the instructions on the back just a few simple pictures, and a delish result.

The most amusing part of the conversation with the girls being their decision to create an ‘adult’ cookie so including cranberries and oats (I wondered later if there was a very clever connection to urinary and bowel health or whether that was just where my mind leap to…..).

Anyhow, I’m looking forward to converting my jar to a delicious pile of cookies next weekend and seeing what some of these clever youngsters move onto next.

Keep an eye on their facebook page to see where they’re going to pop up next if you want to get your hands on some.

Happy long weekending (and don’t forget Hashigozake’s Pacific Beer Expo on Sunday).