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by Sue Tyler on February 26, 2015

The local government commission has proposed a reorganisation of the Wellington region, which you can read more about over on the local government commission site.

The regional council is split over the proposal. Perhaps more importantly, according to Stuff, only 26% of Wellingtonians are in favour of the proposal.

We’re not taking a side here at the Wellingtonista, but we do want you to make sure you have your say. There is a word document template you can download and fill in (but you don’t have to use that template especially if you don’t have word) or you can email [email protected] (or post to Local Government Commission, PO Box 5362, Wellington 6145 if you’re paper-minded). Submissions close at 4pm on March 2, so hop to it. Or  we cobbled together a super easy submission guide (after the jump), based around yes or no answers to questions in the word doc, a submission does not have to take hours. you can just say I want or I do not want.  Submissions are made public but your personal information is removed.

Also, we had an interesting exchange on Twitter with a group that followed us called “Future Wellington” who claim to be a youth-led  diverse group, but if you look at Ted Thomas, Brendan King and Tony Crewdson, what do you see they have in common?  Oh, and eight days ago, the site was basically driving people to Better Wellington which they seem to have removed links to now. The domain for “Future Wellington” is owned by the former Project Manager for the failed INCIS project which was estimated to cost NZD$110,000,000 and by NZ we mean you.

Okay sure, that’s believeable.

On his Legal Beagle blog at Public Address Graeme Edgeler raised another issue that has nothing to do with the merits for or against amalgamation

Important to note here: you know who the Wellingtonista are  and I’m only employed by myself , but I’d like to make it very clear that views here never represent those of my fellow Wellingtonista’s employers, never have never will.

After the jump, we make it easy for you to submit….

Local government submissions the easy way

Submissions are made public but your personal information is removed, unless you choose to speak at hearings

Submissions close at 4pm on March 2

email [email protected]

Subject: Wellington reorganisation

Your name

Your contact details , phone number, email, postal address

  • Which council(s) is most relevant to your home or business? Do you wish to appear before  the Commission at public hearings?
  • In general, do you support the draft proposal?
  • In general, do you support the draft proposal but want an alternative model for change?
  • What do you support and why?
  • In general, do you oppose the draft proposal?
  • In general, do you oppose the draft proposal but want an alternative model for change?
  • What do you oppose and why?
  • If you want changes of some sort, can you suggest new wording?
  • What do you think good local government would look like in the Wellington region?

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