Wow this week is FULL of shows and there’s a party at the end of it. Let’s go!

Hudson & Halls is still going strong at the Hannah Playhouse. I loved it, Mr Goulter loved it, the Wellington Theatre Awards judges loved it. Don’t miss it.

Across the road at BATS Theatre Musique Romantique, Stand up love, and Wine Lips all preview tonight. In Musique Romantique performer Matthew Pike presents this collection of 19th century songs, procured specifically for their timeless beauty and emotive qualities. In Stand up loveFreddy is a comedian and has a drinking problem. Ana has something she doesn’t want him to know. Their relationship has problems but they love each other. Isn’t that enough? A brilliant dark comedy that rips the scabs off of relationships past, present and future and asks if you can face up to the open wounds.” Written by Gavin McGibbon and directed by Adam Goodall. Finally at BATS, Wine Lips invites you into the backstage world of the theatrical performer. “Scotty has invited actor and ex-girlfriend Brit to share a bottle of wine with him. She brings the wine, he brings the unpleasant memories. They both bring the quarter life crisis.” Written by Sam Brooks and directed by Stella Reid.

Brooks has another play on. Riding in Cars with (Mostly Straight) Boys is on a return season. It’s moving around from Studio 77 Amphitheatre, Victoria University on 29 Nov – 1 Dec at 7pm to the Red Gates at Te Papa, 2 Dec – 6 Dec at 6pm. “Using a simple rig of speakers and microphones, it’s performed to an audience who sit [bring your own chair] and stand around a car while the action unfolds in front of them; it’s a unique, lo-fi and immersive theatrical experience like no other.” This show is koha. (I recommend $10-20 and make sure you have change – don’t be grabbing it out of the koha box.)

Also showing in unconventional (for theatre) places is Galathea: into the bush. This is a modern adaptation of Galathea by John Lyly, updated with modern language and fresh characters. The original play features a forest inhabited by Gods and a pair of star-crossed lovers – who are both female. On performance days Twin City will open up the Grand Hall from 1pm – 4pm as a space for the public. A plethora of activities await including a cross-dressing photobooth.

Then Don Juan. Who is Don Juan? ‘Don Juan, the character, is the boldest and greatest of men. He does whatever he wants… with sometimes dubious ethical consequences. Don Juan, the show, celebrates the fool in all of us. Of how we often fail to be the person we want to be, despite our best efforts.’  I haven’t seen this version of it yet either but loved it when it played at Circa. Catch it at Scotty and Mals – or in one of the other surprise venues!

Speaking of Circa, the pantomime Roger Hall’s Jack and the Beanstalk got a two-thumbs-up informal review from a panto loving friend of mine.Jack and his mother are so poor they have to sell Betsy, their beloved cow. But instead of getting money, Jack accepts beans from a stranger… magic beans! And soon he is up among the clouds in a wondrous land where there is a goose that lays golden eggs, and – Fee, Fi Fo, Fum – a Giant with a dangerous appetite!”  In Circa 2 the New Zealand premiere of Scarlet and gold by Lorae Parry opened on the weekend. “Waihi 1912: Another accident in the Martha Gold Mine and the miners’ wives say Enough! Improve conditions or strike! They’re the ones trying to scrape together food for the table, clothes for the kids. As the strike gains momentum the women gain confidence – in their own strength, in their ability to instigate change.  Major change – not just here, but throughout the country. And woven into all this is a love story. What if your man crosses the picket line for desperately needed cash? Will you still love him? And what if you’re married to a shareholder, and rely on the dividends to live on? What if…?” I’m looking forward to seeing it soon.

Finally, a party! Come to GAYQUAKE a protest gig against Brian Tamaki’s comments that gays cause earthquakes with all proceeds to Kaikoura communities. Featuring HEX, DISASTERADIO, and Klaus Vermillion Quartet. 7pm / Sunday 4 December  2016 at San Francisco Bathhouse. Door sales $10 waged / $5 unwaged