Fringe show reviews: Glittery Clittery, Dry & Damaged and Missing Lids

by Guest March 22, 2019

Today’s guest reviews of three fringe shows come courtesy of Tony Barnes. Thanks Tony! The Fringe Wives Club – Glittery Clittery A year ago, while touring several of her shows at the 2018 NZ Fringe Festival, Tessa Waters mentioned that she had another show in development that she would bring to the 2019 Fringe. Fringe […]

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Review: Uther Dean – My Fat/Sad

by Emma Maguire May 16, 2018

Guest review by Emma Maguire Uther Dean is sad and he wants you to know it. My Fat/Sad is a comedy and a tragedy, a balance between joy and seriousness, and a show with more of a duality to it than you might be expecting. In my desperate quest to avoid spoilers, I’ll leave the […]

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Review: You do you babes – Donna Brookbanks

by Guest May 8, 2018

Guest review by Emma Maguire We are welcomed into the BATS Studio by a woman dressed in a black cloak. Illuminated by the light of flickering (electric) candles, we’re baptised by water poured from a menstrual cup, and we recite the single person’s prayer. All the single ladies… now put your hands up! Donna Brookbanks’ […]

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Preview: Some shows and a party

by librarykris November 29, 2016

Wow this week is FULL of shows and there’s a party at the end of it. Let’s go! Hudson & Halls is still going strong at the Hannah Playhouse. I loved it, Mr Goulter loved it, the Wellington Theatre Awards judges loved it. Don’t miss it. Across the road at BATS Theatre Musique Romantique, Stand […]

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Should they stay or should they go?

by Joanna February 12, 2012

We receive a lot of press releases here at the Wellingtonista, but few are as charming as this one: Brad and Nancy are actors who are also a couple, and they’re trying to decide if they should live in England or New Zealand. Naturally, they’ve decided to do a show in the Wellington Fringe Festival […]

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The Hollow Men at BATS

by Dan September 27, 2007

Hollow Men imageJust a quick note to recommend Dean Parker’s theatrical adaptation of The Hollow Men, which is on now at BATS. My position in the theatre industry prevents me from doing a proper review which means I can’t tell you how funny and pointed it is, nor how expertly directed it is (by Jonathan Hendry) or how good many of the performances are (particularly Stephen Papps as Brash).

Several reviews are online at John Smythe’s excellent Theatreview resource so you can get the full down-low from there.

The Hollow Men plays at BATS until Thursday 11 October and then travels to Centrepoint in Palmerston North for a season.

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Young and Hungry 2006

by noizyboy June 15, 2006

young and hungry. students, eh?The Young and Hungry 2006 season is about to get under way, with three plays produced and performed by ‘yoof’ starting their two week run down at Bats from this Friday night.

This year we’ve got How to Live in a World Full of Terrorists, Generator, and, winner of best title award, Butt Ugly, which also sounds like it has the most entertaining (if familiar) plot: “What happens when all the odd-ball freaks band together and set out for revenge?”

The Y&H plays are always good fun, and have spawned many a renowned thespian over the years – be sure to pop along and spot new theatre talent in the making. Book at Bats.

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Stories Told to Me by Girls

by noizyboy January 10, 2006

Well, after a well-earned holiday, the staff of Wellingtonista Towers are starting to retake their respective blogging places around the spacious and freshly decorated open plan office. First up in our ‘recommended things to do in the evening now that your days have returned to the daily working grind’ is “Stories Told to Me by […]

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Young and Hungry

by noizyboy June 16, 2005

The latest Young and Hungry season gets underway this week at Bats, with three new plays being staged by crews of (mostly) young and aspiring thespians. This play – The Many Faces of Kelly J Loko – particularly caught the eye. From the blurb… Laptops, i-pods, chat rooms and text messaging – welcome to the […]

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