It’s all singing and dancing this week at Circa and BATS. (Just what I need to get me through my second to last week at work before the holidays tbh.) Scarlet and Gold continues at Circa Theatre as does Roger Hall’s “Jack and The Beanstalk”. (My review of Scarlet and Gold here. I haven’t seen the panto but my friend gave it an informal two thumbs up.)

At BATS Theatre tonight Binge Culture presents Smells like Xmas and Alacrity Productions opens The Better Best Possible Album Party That Anybody Has Ever Been Two. Smells like Xmas promises todiscover the true meaning of what the bloody hell Christmas bloody well even means anyway’. I’ve previewed Album Party and it looks like lots of fun. Tomorrow night Wanderlust Productions’ “unashamedly populist, uplifting and joyous celebration of song” These are a few of my favourite sings opens. A production that’s part biography, part self-help seminar but mostly Julie Andrews’s greatest hits, written by Francesca Emms and performed by her sister Georgia Jamieson Emms, the show draws on the sisters’ childhood experiences growing up in a musical family and their deep love for Julie Andrews and the characters she portrayed.


So if the office party is not as fun as it could be you know where to go. Enjoy!