In the age of ‘swiping right’ and ‘reality’ dating shows, the concept of live onstage dating by far provides more entertainment. Bron Batten so brilliantly proved this on her opening night of Onstage Dating.

In this show, there’s no opportunity to accept or reject based on appearances and no producers or editors deciding on the narrative. It’s just Bron on a stage, dating someone from the audience while the rest of us watch on. That may seem like a major spoiler alert. It’s not because this show brings so many surprises.

There are loads of laughs and you’ll find yourself relating to those cringey first date moments where you’re hyper aware of word choices and behaviour.

Somehow, Bron magically weaves entertainment and philosophy together as the show gets you thinking about the evolution of relationships and connections and how they vary from species to species.

Bron’s date was a fantastic participant. At first he seemed reluctant, but to watch them warm to each other, show their vulnerability and experience real moments of connection, in my mind, makes Bron a genius.

This show is brilliant, now go and see it.

Onstage Dating is on at Bats Theatre from 4-8 April at 8.30pm.

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