Sax Pack – The Mack is Back


Remember this guy and all of those drums? (Incidentally, all of those drums will be turning Kora up loud this Friday). 

Or perhaps you remember him as that crazy, sexy, cool guy playing vegetables at Fringe last year (winner Best Music and Best Solo Show at 2009 Fringe Festival).

Adam Page is back at Downstage this Sunday along with three more saxophonists, as the Adalaide Sax Pack, featuring some silky vocals from Welly’s Lisa Tomlins (Shapeshifter, Fat Freddy’s Drop, Rhombus, TrinityRoots).

Billed as:

4 world class Saxophonists, 1 HUGE quartet sound, stacks of the cheesiest music you know you love but choose to hate.

This girl is looking looking forward to the cheezy ’80s covers and being a vocal member of the raucous fun-time crowd.

Come along, it isn’t that expensive and will be downright festive (in a good way).

Details and a taster after the jump.

Buy Enjoy

Not that we want you to wear yourselves out before the T4WAs on Thursday, but we thought it would be only fair to tell you that Enjoy Gallery is having a cut-price art bash in time for Christmas. 


One hundred and twenty five dollars or less for a nice piece of what you fancy at the annual Enjoy gallery art sale, followed by the "unofficial Wellington X-mas ART BASH": X-mas party at Watusi.


What: Enjoy gallery’s annual art sale Buy Enjoy (details of artists on the facebook invite)
When: Tuesday 15 December from 6.00pm
Where:  Enjoy Gallery on Cuba (map) and after party at Watusi (map)

100 Dollar Bills Y’all

Tonight from 6.00 until 8.00pm Thistle Hall is holding their annual $100 art sale. 

Support the artists, the venue *and* get something unique for the important people in your life just in time for Christmas.


Check out pictures of some of the pieces for sale here.


Aeon – Wellington in Flux

Brenda from NZ On Screen alerted us to the the fact that Richard Sidey’s short film Aeon is now available to view on the site:

Wellington is given the Baraka ‘time-scape’ treatment in this short film by Richard Sidey, made while studying at Massey University. There’s no characters or conventional narrative, but the life cycle of a city is captured in a Koyaanisqatsi-like compilation of day and night-time scenes. Clouds scud by in hyper-time-lapse and slow-motion, and Wellington landmarks (harbour, bucket fountain, turbine etc) are seen anew, cut to a soundtrack by percussion group Strike. The tone poem won best student film at the American Conservation Film Festival 2007.

Update: Embedding is now enabled via NZ On Screen’s very own external player.  Ka pai.

Lover’s Tiff – Oh Wellington we could never stay mad at you for long

"The quiet doors, which led to Wellington’s morgue, were off Taranaki Street."

Thus begins Rowan Saker’s murder mystery novel Lover’s Tiff, which, right from the word go, wears its setting on its sleeve.  Fittingly for such a Welly-focused read, a preprint copy was flicked Wellingtonista’s way for a review prior to the book launch. Lover’s Tiff is Rowan Saker’s first novel, written after a recent return to Wellington after nine years living in France.

The book launch is tonight (Wednesday 25 November) at Turnbull House from 6.00pm until 8.00pm.

This is a murder mystery firmly within the pulp traditions of the genre: complete with tough but square cop who will never be hip, the smart middle-class girl who turns into a feral and somewhat slutty dropout, and all the twists you would expect in the hunt for her killer that takes us to Palmy, the Hawke’s Bay and all across Wellington.

T4WA nominees: Best Live Performance

Voting in the Fourth Annual Wellingtonista Awards is open from December 1-15. Then come find out the results at our Awards Night at Mighty Mighty on December 17!

To vote, visit this page.

If there’s someone up on a stage, they’d better deserve to be there. The total immersion that comes from being in a crowd all enjoying the same spectacle can be indescribable. These are the shows that stood out for us.

T4WA nominees: Wellingtonian’s Contribution to the Internet

Voting in the Fourth Annual Wellingtonista Awards is open from December 1-15. Then come find out the results at our Awards Night at Mighty Mighty on December 17!

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As a website, we know that we are not alone. There are many other fantastic people in Wellington doing fantastic things online, and they make our internet world a much better place with the things that they do.

T4WA nominees: Best Coffee

Voting in the Fourth Annual Wellingtonista Awards is open from December 1-15. Then come find out the results at our Awards Night at Mighty Mighty on December 17!

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Wellington runs on coffee, but only a few places are truly award-worthy. When we get coffee, we want the option of having something to eat with it. We want a good selection of reading material while we wait. We want witty banter and/or eyecandy from the barista. And naturally, the coffee has to be excellent as well!

Elastic Solids

Tonight at Deluxe Cafe is an opening featuring new works from Paul Bradley.  Many of the works are painted on used coffee sacks stretched over recycled wooden window frames and there are also some prints from a new series of screen printed drawings.

So far I have only seen him in his incarnation as a VJ, so it will be interesting to see what he can do with a coffee sack.

What: Elastic Solids Art opening (details here)

Where & When: Deluxe Cafe, 8 Kent St from 6.30pm tonight

Woven Tales of Ink, Silver and Silk


Tonight is the opening night of a very special – and I suspect somewhat whimsical – art/fashion show at Thistle Hall. 

Jewellery, fashion, illustration and photgraphy will be exploited for the purposes of storytelling and fantastic escape.  Craft 2.0 goers will recognise Minu from the stalls and I for one am looking foward to seeing her "interdependant and interconnected metal city and night forest".

When: 17th November 5.30pm (fashion show at 6.00pm)

Where: Thistle Hall on Cuba Street



"Come, Venture into a tale of fantasy; Where mysteries unfold, Illusions take hold,.

Explore hidden meanings, trapped beauty, In the depths of Escape…"

 Details from the press release after the jump…