Short Film Workshop

This year the Show Me Shorts film festival is offering a half day workshop in Wellington open to anyone interested in short films. The workshops are a unique opportunity to meet experienced and up and coming filmmakers, see some great films and learn more about the craft of developing a good short film.


When & Where: Saturday 14 November at Paramount Theatre

Cost: $10


Registration: 9am


Session One: Script development 9.30am – 11.00am
Filmmakers Louis Sutherland (Run, The Six Dollar Fifty Man) and Paul Ward (The Graffiti of Mr Tupaia, Choice Night) will screen and talk about one of their own short films and discuss with producer/director Paul Swadel (Poppy,No Ordinary Sun) what makes a great short film. There will be time for Q&A at the end of this session.


Morning Tea: 11am – 11.30am (food and beverages provided)


Session Two: 11.30am – 1.00pm: New Shorts Showcase
Filmmakers Sally Tran, Andrew Campion, and Rollo Wenlock screen recent work and discuss the pleasures and challenges of making shorts. 

Register for the workshop online here.
Or contact for more information.

Show Me Shorts


Show Me Shorts Film Festival rolls into town this Thursday for 6 days with a fine selection of the New Zealand and Australian short films that were contenders for the 8 awards. 

Tomorrow is Wellington’s opening night at the Paramount kicking off at 7.30pm.  Opening night showcases the 8 winners in each category, tickets are $20 and include a glass of wine.

Full details of the Festival, including the full schedule, themes and details of each film can be found in the pdf linked to from this page.  (We will report back with suggestions about the best sessions to attend.)

Come celebrate the short form and see if you can spot the next Taika Waititi.

Handle the Jandal – DIY

Tonight at the Embassy theatre there will be an visual explosion of enthusiastic amateurs, with the annual Handle the Jandal DIY music video competition coming to the big screen for one night only. 

This Wellingtonista hand delivered one of the entries all the way from that heaving metropolis Auckland, so may possibly be a wee bit biased about who she thinks should kick some arse. 

Remember the controversy over the Hot Grits and the milk swilling babies (booze for baby?!?) last year?

Grab your Jaffas and head along tonight to celebrate the skanky and disruptive DIY spirit of our cultural sector on the big screen.

What: Handle the Jandal – DIY music videos

Where: The Embassy Theatre

Cost: $17 pre-sales $22 on the door

Details on the Radio Active website here.

Climate of Fair

I know, I know, super-bad pun but the folks here at Wellingtonista seem to have really really high pun thresholds….


Anyway, this Saturday being part of a long weekend there are a lot of events competing for your attention out there in Wellington.  We have Craft 2.0 Fair at the Dowse as Sue has already posted, I will be working the kids table and it would definitely be my pick for tomorrow.  However maybe some of you can’t make it to the Hutt or want a few more options in central Welly.


Nothing to See Here

As Robyn has rightly pointed out, tonight is Pecha Kucha at Downstage at 7.30 (get there early if you are going).

Tonight is also the opening of Roger Morris’s new show "See Nothing".  Once again things are getting political, this time with a show based around "WHAT IF"? 9/11/2001.  Roger uses oil, print, graphite, monopoly boards, jigsaw pieces and repurposed generic landscapes to explore the theme.

Everything kicks off at 5.30 at Thistle Hall on Cuba Street.  Take a look at some of the works on the Facebook invite, if you are lucky you may be able to fit in Pecha Kucha afterwards.

Exposive Expression and Missed Opportunities

Our "coverage" of events here at Wellingtonista can be a bit scattergun at times. Like the tagline says, "random stuff about New Zealand’s capital city since 2005".

The general premise is that we write about stuff we like, from whatever angle we like.  However if it isn’t featured, it don’t mean we don’t rate it, just means that we have been busy or some such.

Any-the-ho, last weekend was the Maori Art Market at Te Rauparaha Arena and Pataka Gallery in Porirua.  It would have been great to see ta moko artist Mark Kopua at work but you snooze, you lose in this town. 

Last Wednesday also would have been a great chance to attend a talk on Mana Whenua Maori History in Wellington, given by Morrie Love in the reopened City Gallery Wellington.  It was free, damnit! 

Never mind. It is good that Wellington offers so much to the curious and the brave; those who want to actually participate in the cultural life of this city.  We will continue to fossick for cultural gems in the twitterstream and other places to alert you to what is going on out there but please forgive us if we miss some of the good stuff.

After the jump some stuff you shouldn’t miss this week (including tonight!):

The WOW that was

Well WOW’s 21st is officially over, although the decorations from the party are still up with the frufru pink tutu posters adorning bus stops around Welly.  Now is the time to cash up, make assessments and ask the perennial question: Fab or Fug? 

Last year a Wellingtonian took out the top spot with a leather warrior bird queen that was truly a-may-zing, go the home team!  This year the supreme gong went to Alaskan David Walker for his entry ‘Lady of the Wood‘, made entirely of wood (even the curly blonde wig was made from wood shavings).  David is a carpenter by trade and has made the long trip from Alaska for the last three years to enter WOW.  Wellingtonians Hayley May and Fiona Christie won the runner up to the Montana Supreme Award and the top prize in the Gen-i Creative Excellence Award section, themed "fold" this year, with an entry entitled ‘Second Skin‘.

Three Fiddy?!

Three bucks fifty to eat lunch at Logan Brown!


That got your attention right? Well, the fine print is you have get educated about climate change first and click on a few links, then you will be in the draw to win one of 40 lunches for two (for only three fiddy) at Logan Brown. 


Click through to the 350 Aotearoa site to find out how the Wellywing of 350 Aotearoa is part of a global movement pushing for action on climate change and enter the competition.  They have undertaken a bunch of stuff since December 2008 and are ramping up for an international day of climate change action on the 24th of October.


Wellington being Wellington it is *the* place to come to make some noise politically and try to directly influence decision-makers. Some choose the traditional ways with a hikoi, some placards and a loud hailer; others use their purchasing power or womanly charms to push things gently in the direction they would like to see the world go.  A good source of contacts and ideas for those interested in sustainability is the social network Intersect, they have a meet up for Wellingtonians on the last Tuesday of every month at Mon Ami.  Expect a report back soon from this Wellingtonisa about what it is like to "Intersect" in person with these sustainability types.

Coffee Art Throw-down

Twitter has informed us that Mojo Old Bank (@mojooldbank) and the Mojo on the Terrace are having a coffee art throw-down at 6.30pm tonight at the Mojo located in the PWC Building on the Terrace (map here).


There is talk of beer and pizza for those wanting to watch the action.


I think we could be up for some coffee porn this evening…..

eDay on Saturday

It is eDay again tomorrow, your opportunity to put your eJunk in your trunk take it to the drop off point to get it taken care of responsibly.  Apparently 95% of materials in a computer can be recycled and reused and putting your electronic waste into landfill just isn’t an option because hazardous materials such as lead, mercury and cadmium can leach into the earth and get into waterways.

Where: Westpack Stadium carpark (map here)

When: Saturday 12 September

Tips for disposing of computer equiptment all year round are on the eDay site here.

We will see you there.