Zombie Prom III: Dress To Distress

The graveyard’s alive and dancing…..

Spacething presents the third annual Zombie Prom at Happy (cnr Tory and Vivian Sts.) On Saturday October 10th open the crypt door and shake your dead moves to fleshed-out tunes.

Zombie Prom III features live dead music by Voodoo Savage and His Savages, Knife Fight, The Death-Rays, Newtown, The Ghastlies, Market Value and DJ Bride of Pinbot, as well as the crowning of the best-dressed Zombie King and Queen of the Prom with prizes galore gore!

Happy. Friday 10/10/08, 8:00pm.
Tickets $10

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In the Museum of Curious Intent

When Arlo Edwards approached an art dealer with his work at the age of eighteen, the dealer told him to “come back in 10 years, and then maybe we’ll look at your work”.

Not content with such a response, Arlo embarked on a somewhat unorthodox curatorial career, and has been putting on exhibitions when and wherever he could for more than a decade.

Toi Pōneke Gallery is the next venue for one of his projects, an exhibition of work by 10 local established and emerging artists. The show, entitled In the Museum of Curious Intent, includes work by Chris Lundquist, Freeman White, William Hedley, James Flynn, Jaymi Bizzo Lawrence, Roger Morris, Marianne Muggeridge, Gareth Moon, Rupert Everest and some of Arlo’s own work.

In the Museum of Curious Intent opens at 6.30pm on Friday 26 September and runs until 25 October at Toi Pōneke Gallery, 61 – 63 Abel Smith Street.

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Drawing Parallels

On 6th August a group drawing show is opening at ROAR! Gallery.

The show features work from artist in residence Yelena Barbalich, as well as 75 other artists.

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Get out of our dreams, and into our bar

El Horno on Courtenay Place might suck the big kumara as far as a bar experience might go…

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Keep your sugar bowl full next month

Wellington zine artist makes home-made history

Don’t move house, be sure to feed hungry ghosts and keep your sugar bowl full next month. August is the month of the Ghost Festival (15 August) or ‘Chinese Halloween’ — the time when spirits of the dead visit the living.

Chinese families observe this date through Bai Shan, which involves lighting incense, burning joss papers and preparing a banquet to share with ancestors. Such customs have long been observed since the Chinese first arrived in New Zealand nearly a century and a half ago. They also feature in an upcoming exhibition by local artist Kerry Ann Lee — Home Made: Picturing Chinese Settlement in New Zealand, which opens on 31 July at Toi Pōneke Gallery.

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Wise old man says: Self Service China

(actually I’m not sure that he does, but that’s another story.)

The guy at the CHINA outlet in the Courtenay Central complex has twice claimed to me that his BBQ pork is the best in town.

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Pink Tagger Vests Wanted (crosspost)

Apparently there’s a dire shortage of pink Hi-Glo tagger vests in parts of the Eastern Suburbs, and a public appeal has been launched.

Stuff: The message is a reaction to Wellington City Council-funded pink vests that school-aged taggers are being made to wear as punishment when cleaning up their handiwork.

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7 Point 5 Degrees And Back

Ok, so what’s this guy up to? (answer after the jump)

C’mon Untouched World, give me a break

Untouched World on the corner of Brandon and Featherston streets has a logo which looks unreasonably similar to Antony Gormley‘s Angel of the North, which is located outside Gateshead in the north of England.

I’ve tried to ignore this for months now, but it finally got the better of me this morning. C’mon Untouched World, what were you thinking? How did this come about? How could this have been let to come about? How could your logo-designer not be aware of one of the most famous and all-pervading visual images of the last 20 years? Sheesh.

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The Rise and Fall of Western Civilization: Part One

This looks really good:

You can see some more of John Lake‘s work on some of those big display units at the new park on the western end of Courtenay Place (Courtenay West Park?).