Cameron Burnell Photography

We’ve just discovered and added Cameron Burnell’s excellent photoblog to our links list. Cameron was the man behind the also brilliant A Wellingtonian in Aceh photoblog, and both sites are well worth your time. [Hat tip to Bloggreen]

Fix it!

Yes, just like Bob the Builder and Winston Peters, the Wellington City Council is asking the question: Can we fix it? And apparently, the answer is “yes we can”. The Council has recently introduced a Fix It page to their (already excellent) website, where you can let the Council now of any problems in your […]

Wellington from space

Can just about make out the Wellingtonist Towers… Google Maps

Let me count the ways…

Here at Wellingtonist towers, we’re always thinking of new ways to let people know just how cool this town is. And we know we have lots of readers out there who like to do the same. So here’s our suggestion: people of a mind to participate can post to their website an article talking about […]