The New Zealand Film Archive

This lunchtime, I popped downstairs & around the corner from the Wellingtonista Towers, to the NZ Film Archive & spent a fascinating wee while browsing their catalogue of VCRs & DVDs. I tried picking the brain of the technician on duty in the Media Library, but he was just relieving & had sketchy information at […]

More drinking in Wellington

Far and away our most popular post in the last wee while was Jo’s ‘Drinking Wellington on the Cheap‘ from last week. Discussion of watering holes around Wellington seems to be a popular topic, as Stephen of Dorking Labs‘ ‘Drinks After Work‘ has joined in with his own bar review, the first of what he […]

Flight of the Conchords

Wellington folk-comedy duo Flight of the Conchords now have their own website up and running, with what promises to be a running diary of their exploits in the UK, as they, in Bret’s words: “…attempt to make it in the cut-throat novelty music scene in England even though we probably won’t, it’s just too cut-throat.” […]

Survival Guide

Courtesy of the Downtown Community Ministry, here’s a guide to surviving Wellington on a low income. Hat tip to T at Survival Guide to Wellington

Links for Tuesday, 06 September 2005

Tom at WellUrban has an excellent scheme for sprucing up the rather ugly concrete bases that support the various verandah columns down Cuba Street. Fleet FM – started (and increasingly popular) in Auckland, is a low-power FM station run by music enthusiasts that is now up and running in Wellington on 107.3Fm. Good music, recommended. […]

Keeping Your Digital Stuff Safe

If you’ve ever suffered the pain of losing photos or other valuable data from a crashed hard drive or lost cd, you’ll know how fragile digital memories can be. Many of us now own huge amounts of digital data but managing and securing these vast archives is a daunting task. The National Library is holding […]

Watch Sputnik Run.

You may have seen this on TV1 news last night. Local woman stalks crocodile… When the large box arrived at the office for Bindi, we were intrigued… not least because she wasn’t in the office for a few days & we wondered if maybe we should open it & save it from perishing… on the […]

Public Address | Club Politique | Burying One’s Feet

I’m sure Che Tibby won’t mind, but this is one of the finest love letters to Wellington I have ever read. Public Address | Club Politique – Burying One’s Feet

Links for Monday, 15 August 2005

Tom Beard at WellUrban continues his investigations into finding single men in Wellington. This time it’s Toyboys & Sugar Daddies. The billboard space near the corner of Cuba and Ghuznee has been getting a lot of comment around the place, with both a ‘controversial’ Hell Pizza ad featuring a demonic George Bush, and an ‘illegal‘ […]

Links for Monday, 25 July 2005

Mark Blumsky, ex-Wellington Mayor and now National Party candidate for Wellington Central, gets beaten up during the weekend. Sir Humphrey’s point out that self-professed left-wing nutter Millsy last week expressed his desire to see right-wing ‘blood on the streets’ last week. Any connection? Lots of comment over at David Farrar’s blog as well. MiramarMike reports […]