Links for Monday, 9 October 2006

‘Pocket-city at the Edge of the World’

The Sydney Morning Herald features a rather rave write-up on Wellington on their website today:

After years of relative obscurity, the city is blossoming. It has reinvented itself as an elegant, modern place without the arrogance that often accompanies such development.

Okay, maybe we could have done without the ‘years of relative obscurity’ part.

Library Blog

photo of Wellington Central Library courtesy of TaniwhaWellington Library has gone and got itself a blog!

And it’s a good’un too. From latest releases and staff picks, and the occasional look at what’s popular amongst the patrons, such as the latest post: Evidence of Good Taste among Wellingtonians.

Wellingtonians, apparently, are a fairly literate and intelligent buch of readers, with Alain De Botton’s ‘Architecture of Happiness’, Irene Nemirovsky’s ‘Suite Francaise’ and ‘Hard way’ by Lee Child being the most sought-after items of the moment.

And remember, if you haven’t already, sign up to the Library Elf service to get library reminders sent to you via a personalised RSS feed.

[photo courtesy of Taniwha]

Grid time

I’ve been so busy the last week, for reasons that Hadyn can explain better than I, that I’ve got a bit behind on my Gridskipper reading. In fact, I totally missed the fact that not only did Wellington beat Baku in the “Pitch Your Burg” contest, we now have our first official Gridskipper post! It has all the obligatory Wellytown references, including Fat Freddy’s Drop, the ‘Canes, Waitangi Park, the fact that we’re all so over hobbits, and of course, a mis-spelling of “Courtney” Place. It also somehow manages to mention pretty much every Wellington blog in existence. And only one reference to P!

Gene pool deletion in progress

gene pool deletion in progress, originally uploaded by maxcherry. Couldn’t help but draw more attention to this particular photo, spotted in the Wellington Flickr Photo Pool today. Says maxcherry, the photo-taker… nothing wrong with towing a motorcycle – can be safely done. The rider has winds just one coil around the bar, and grips the […]

If the Earth were a Sandwich…

…our sandwich partner would, give or take a few miles, be Salamanca, Spain. We’re not sure if this is the rationale behind the naming of the Kelburn road that shares the name (a quick Google reveals that Lord Wellington fought a famous battle there – in Spain, that is, not up Kelburn way – in […]

Miserable Jafas?

Today’s Dominion Post carries an insufferably smug article headlined “The lonely misery of living in Auckland“. Like all good journalism these days, this story is based almost entirely upon Google: in this case, the news that a Google Trends search for the word “misery” shows that Aucklanders search Google for this word more often than […]

The Library Elf

library elf shown is not representative of actual library elvesHere’s a handy online service for those of you who use Wellington’s excellent Public Libraries. Create an account over at Library Elf, enter your library card details, and they’ll create a customised RSS feed that tells you what books you’ve got out that are nearing their return date. Very handy for those of us who manage to lose the paper issue slip somewhere between the library exit and home.

The Hutt and Porirua libraries are also on the system, as are a few other NZ-based libraries.

[hat tip: fraser, via chch-changes.]

Nicest City in the World

Our post on Wellington’s 12th placing in the recent Mercer HR Quality of Life table has had the pleasant side-effect of catapaulting Wellington (and the Wellingtonista) to the top of the Google rankings for a search on ‘nicest city in the world’. We’ll take Google’s word over Mercer’s any day.

The odyssey of Mr Reasonable

Local blogger Mr Reasonable plans to combine his whizzo geek toys and dangerously obsessive love of coffee into an caffeine fuelled odyssey of live blogging from cafés in the besuited end of town: I am going to visit a different Wellington Cafe every day next week, order a decent Latté, take a photo of said […]