Pirates vs. Ninjas

I love my parentsSo in every city, there are always people who are stupid and misguided and wrong. That’s how we got Kerry Prendeghastly for a mayor, after all, and the bypass too. In another classic example of people who are backing the wrong team, these people are planning on dressing like ninjas to attend the first screening of Pirates of the Caribbean 3. Yo me hearties, rise up and fight off the evil ninja threat! Everyone knows that pirates are cooler. Thinking otherwise is like saying robots could win in a fight against tigers. As if!

Snakes! On a plane! In Wellington!

ph33r my photoshop skillsNot that long ago, the London Time Out ran a feature on pirates in London to celebrate the release of Pirates of the Caribbean 2. Way to be hip, Time Out. Everyone who’s anyone knows that the actual most important movie this year is Snakes on Plane – or as some like to call it “Motherfucking snakes on a motherfucking plane”. So, in tribute to this movie that opens on Thursday, the Wellingtonista is proud to present this very special activity guide to recreating snakes on a plane in Wellington:

Armageddon – down to the event centre…

Wow! Want to meet… Kaylee from Firefly? The very hot Ivanova from Babylon 5? One of the (original) Dukes of Hazzard? and the General Lee? Not to mention this person (no idea who, but I think you’d like to meet her, no? All you have to do is dress up like your favourite sci-fi character, […]