Books, Books & more Books

It’s only 3 days till DCM‘s very delightful & very Large annual bookfair. Over 75,000 have been sorted and packed ready for sale starting 8am this Saturday at Shed 6, Queen’s Wharf. This year it’s a one day event running for 12 hours from 8am till 8pm. At the bookfair you’ll find classics, cook books, […]

Read Books, Save Lives – The Annual DCM Bookfair

Instead kicking off on all the amazing books you’ll find at Bookfair this weekend. I thought you might like to know how cold it’s been in Wellington, last night it was 2.7°C in Kelburn overnight, with a light dusting of snow.  Snow is fun except when you don’t have a place to call home, to store your belongings, […]

Why Science Fiction is the only legitimate artform of the 20th and 21st centuries

Local artist, writer and intellectual David Cauchi is giving an address at the Film Archive on Saturday afternoon.

David is a right old character, and also the painter of one of my favourite works of art — entitled The fab four (Tasman, Cook, Du Fresne, De Surville) (above).

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