What not to wear to the sevens

It’s that time of year when people will call us buzzkills for not enjoying having our streets extra-clogged with vomit and having all of our female friends feel extra unsafe on the streets because of all the douchecanoes who think that because they’re wearing a costume they can harass with impunity. But we’re not buzzkills, […]

We’ll be WOWed for another nine years

This morning it was announced that the World of Wearable Arts has signed a contract with Wellington for the next nine years. That’s great news. WOW might not be your cup of tea, but it’s a big boost to our hospitality and retail sectors (worth more than $15.1 million, apparently). Sure, friends who work in […]

Wellington Sevens (1st/2nd Feb 2008) tickets on sale September 12th at 9am

Wellington International Rugby SevensYou have been told so don’t complain to us when you miss out at 9:05am
Tickets are ONLY available online or Ticketmaster:

… only available via the Internet at www.sevens.co.nz or by calling Ticketmaster on 0800 111 999. No tickets will be available through retail outlets.

(ticket details and how to get them after the break)

Sevens starts today – anyone want a ticket?

MainlanderMike has a spare ticket going for the Sevens starting today. Head over to his site and leave a comment if you’re keen to snap it up. Probably best to try and get in before 1pm today as we’ll be away to the first day by then. If you can also get into the Jamaican […]

Wellington Sevens Fever!

If you happen to see a group of large, fit, young lads wandering about the Wellington streets this week, chances are you’ve either stumbled across the cast of Downstage‘s latest play ‘The Boys in the Band‘ , or, and more likely, one of the Rugby Sevens teams that are in town for this weekend’s tournament. […]