Our noble visitorsThe gallant victorsIt’s come to our notice that some bars (Vespa and Jet Bar to date) have barred punters wearing rugby jerseys. We’d like to take this opportunity to both warn fans, particularly out-of-towners, AND to express how much we think this sucks.

When the Barmy Army and the rest of the followers hit Wellington we are expecting the service industry to open it’s doors with their normal huge, “Come on in, have an awesome time”.

We trust these were isolated incidents, not a policy and will not happen again.

It won’t, will it Wellington bars?

If, as happened to our sports correspondent on the visit to Christchurch, a bar stops you from entering for the only reason that you’re wearing a rugby jersey (of any colour) then simply move on. There are plenty of other bars in Wellington, don’t let the snooty ones get to ya.

Also, if you suffer from a rugby-jersey-barring incident let us know and we’ll name-and-shame those concerned.