oh those wacky germans and their laughing balls!There’s been a bit of discussion up here at Wellingtonista Towers as to just who we should be supporting in the World Cup. We need a team with whom we Wellingtonians can identify with – soccer’s equivalent of the Hurricanes: a team that blows hot and cold; a team full of star names, but who inevitably fall at the final hurdle; a team that are a joy to watch, but typically lose to more dour, joyless sides.

To that extent, we came up with a short-list of four: Holland, Spain, Portugal and Mexico. All these teams have been frustrating their fans for years, making the latter stages on relatively regular occasions, only to lose to more methodical plodders like Germany or Italy, or falling to the perenially brilliant Brazilians.

At the moment, we’re veering towards Spain, partly because they’re sure to be a good source of sporting ups and downs, but mostly because they’re our Earth Sandwich partner, and if that doesn’t count for something, what does? Any votes from anyone else?

And, tell you what, there’s some ‘interesting’ hits for “World Cup” on Google image search. Keep your eyes on the ball, son!