So, perhaps the most drawn out sports decision ever to be made by an Australasian sporting body has finally been confirmed, and a Wellington bid has won the right field a team in Australia’s A-League soccer competition.

Now all they need is a name (oh, and some players, and a home ground, but let’s not mention that).

So, what do we think. What’s a good name for our local professional football team. The guys over at the A-League discussion forums have come up with some suggestions…

  • Wellington Wizards
  • Wellington Wonders
  • Wellington Wanderers

…but, you know, that whole sports team alliteration thing is a bit passe. There’s some support for just continuing the Knights (noooo!), and, likewise, for a good old fashioned appendage like United, FC, or City. Today’s DomPost had these suggestions…

  • Wellington Thunder
  • Wellington Fever
  • Wellington Hornets
  • Wellington Blast

…of which Hornets doesn’t ring too bad, although, do we have hornets in Wellington? Surely the Wellington Killer Bees would be more appropriate? And despite the enthusiasm of the supporters on the back page of the DomPost today, I don’t think ‘Fever’ is the best idea in the world – the rich potential for headline puns when things go horribly wrong is just too much to consider.

Any other thoughts?