Happy brings back its Vinyl Friday sessions for 2011. Our own Tom Ackroyd will be spinning his 12 inches with vim and vigour from 5.30pm (until 7.30).

Here is a little information about Tom (and the other DJ on the night);

“This week we have two incredibly exciting, cost-efficient DJs:

GREG COBB was born in a boxcar parked on a Masterton railway siding, where he was taught to play harmonica by former Lake Alice patient, “Hat Stand” Jones . In the Great Depression he pursued a career in the pioneering London music industry, waiting tables and purchasing “reefer” for spoon-playing prodigy Larry Spatula Edison. Greg currently lives and works in Wellington where he enjoys beer and real estate speculation.

TOM ACKROYD is a Cambridge-educated physicist originally hailing from Sodberry-on-Thames. As a child he was frequently beaten savagely by schoolmates over his passionate advocacy for time signatures other than 4/4. A gifted pianist, videographer and web browser, Tom is interested in a wide variety of music played by skinny guys with synthesisers. His record collection features some understandably rare Eurotrash from the early 80s.”