wellington on a plate logoThe Visa Wellington On A Plate festival was launched last night at the Saint James, in amidst lashings of Ruth Pretty’s whipped butter, ginger beer-battered fish and Whittaker’s chocolate creme brulee. Oh lordy, we ate like royalty and were still made even more hungry by reading about some of the events on offer. Tickets go on sale Thursday morning, and we recommend pouncing on as many of the 110 events as possible, as quickly as possible, and then from Aug 10-26, eat as many special menus as you can possibly fit in.

We still haven’t fully digested the whole programme yet (see what we did there?) but we’re intrigued by the RMS Titanic Last Dinner (there isn’t a menu for the eleven courses posted, but we’re guessing it might be a bit like this). Blending burgundy sounds like fun, an afternoon of Mexican food would be delicious, and if we had teenagers, we’d definitely put them to work making cheese for us. Even foot fetishists are catered to! Plus if someone were to offer us tickets to the  Logan Brown Wild Game menu, we probably wouldn’t mind if we were the most dangerous game served up as the last course, as long as we got to eat everything else first (In all seriousness, restaurants and promoters: we’d like to review as many Wellington On A Plate menus and events as possible, and we are very very happy to accept freebies!)

What are you excited about eating this year?