In Wellington, which continues to be the cultural capital, no matter what Auckland might try to pretend, there are probably a lot of conversations to be had about Boosted, which was set up by the Arts Foundation as a rewards-free Pledgeme, or another tax-deductable Givealittle, except that they take a cut. Nat Torkington’s thoughts might be the start of that conversation, or they might not. But we’re here today to look at adorable kids, and Bret McKenzie, and Taika Waititi in familiar locations, doing their best to drum up support for the opening of the New Zealand Festival (formerly and generally still colloquially known as the International Festival of the Arts)

In short, Drum Up Support needs to raise $25,000 to bring kids from across New Zealand to Wellington’s Civic Square for a huge drumming extravaganza called The Big Bang, which will kick off the 3 week arts Festival in style on 21 February 2014.  200 students are being trained by Strike Percussion as part of Strike’s award winning Batterie 100 programme which does amazing work teaching percussion and performance in schools across NZ.   The 200 young people will perform with 300 singers from community choirs and special guests to be  announced. The Boosted campaign runs for 90 days.

Currently they’re at 5% of their target. Wanna help them out?