Make a meal in May for Kaibosh

Last week we went to Kaibosh’s launch of their fundraiser Make A Meal in May, and frankly it’s an amazing idea for an amazing cause, and you should do it, please and thank you. Oh, you want more explanation than that? Okay, the idea is that you get your friends/acquaintances together, make a meal at […]

Drumming up support

In Wellington, which continues to be the cultural capital, no matter what Auckland might try to pretend, there are probably a lot of conversations to be had about Boosted, which was set up by the Arts Foundation as a rewards-free Pledgeme, or another tax-deductable Givealittle, except that they take a cut. Nat Torkington’s thoughts might […]

Purple Cake Day is this Sunday, and there’s cake

We like cake. We like high tea.  We like kids getting education. And we like the colour purple, Whoopi Goldberg not withstanding. So we’re definitely keen on Purple Cake Day this Sunday March 10. “Celebrate Purple Cake Day with High Tea at the Coronation Café. Come along to one of our four sittings for a […]

Need more umlauting in your October?

In 2010, hairy classic rock/metal fan Dave Keyes started throwing non-profit DressUp-RockOut events and the Gods of Rock Awards at his workplace. In 2010 Wellington Rocks’ Rocktober event raised $1300 for the Cancer Society and then in 2011 the Gods of Rock event raised $2600 to split evenly between the Cancer Society and the Red Cross Earthquake Appeal for Christchurch. They’re doing […]

Benefit Concert for The Court Theatre at Circa

Next Monday (20 August) a group of Wellington performers will be getting together to raise funds for The Court Theatre in Christchurch. Badly affected by the earthquakes (forced to abandon thirty-five years of sets, costumes, and scripts) The Court Theatre has opened again in a new venue affectionately called ‘the Shed’. They have a space […]

You should have lunch at Duke Carvell’s this July

July would be a really good time to have a weekday lunch at Duke Carvell’s on Swan Lane. Why? Because a) it’s delicious and warming and b) they’ll donate 20% of your bill to one of a range of charities. Bloody good work! Our Tom B is the Mayor of Duke Carvell’s (well, on Foursquare […]

The lemurs, they are attacking

This is an invitation to attend a very special event, The Lemur Attack Force Launch Party and Fundraiser. TONIGHT at the Hop Garden from 7pm, it looks to be hoots of fun – details of the shenanigans are available at   In 18 Days Aimee Whitcroft and Dane Foster are taking a wee drive from […]

Ben Hana, aka Tarzan, aka “Blanket Man” dies

As reported in the NZ Herald and Stuff. I remember seeing him asleep on the corner of Courtenay Place and Tory Street, bathed in sunshine, loin-cloth akimbo, home-made aluminium-can dope-pipe resting peacefully by his slumbering body, only a couple of weeks back. It seems weird that we won’t see him there again. R.I.P. (Remember, you […]

Our movies have gone to the dogs

Remember Footrot Flats? Of course you do. You probably didn’t even need that link, unless you’re a wee little thing or new to the country. Murray Ball’s cartoon strip about farm life and a dog named Dog ran every day in the Evening Post for nearly 20 years. In fact, in 1987, Footrot Flats: A […]

The cupboards are bare

The Wellingtonista is not just about bringing the snark to the deserving. Sometimes we drop the cynical worn-out hipster thing to bring food to the deserving. We need to tell you that the Downtown Community Ministry food bank is just about out of food. Unfortunately, more people need their help than ever before. Yesterday their […]