I just spotted 2 pinky frilled jellyfish in worser bay.


I didn’t hang round to take photos but more may wash in with then high tide and there may be more around the south coast it’s often this time of year we get a swarm for a few days. They looked a little like this (taken by Liz Ritchie and sourced from stuff.co.nz) one washed up on the South Coast in 2011.


so if you your kids or dogs plan to go swimming today check the water first, Having experienced stings first hand in the past, it is way better to be cautious than to just leap in.  Also if it’s low tide, don’t touch them with your bare hands or let your pet try to eat them, that would be seriously ouchy

Here’s what the ministry of health has to say about jellyfish stings – http://www.health.govt.nz/your-health/conditions-and-treatments/accidents-and-injuries/bites-and-stings/jellyfish-stings


Have you spotted any jellyfish around the beaches this summer?