Is it jellyfish season?

by Sue Tyler February 25, 2014

I just spottedĀ 2 pinky frilled jellyfish in worser bay.   I didn’t hang round to take photos but more may wash in with then high tide and there may be more around the south coast it’s often this time of year we get a swarm for a few days. They looked a little like this […]

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We ask: why are you here?

by Joanna March 12, 2007

The Wellingtonista would like to know why so many goddamn black-legged jellyfish decided to hang out at Lyall Bay over the weekend. Sure, it was hot, and swimming was a great idea, but for me, not for you creepy wobbly things! And it didn’t make a difference how calm it was on Saturday and how wavey it was on Sunday – you were still there! Bastards. It ‘s not like you were put on Earth first or anything, and yet you act like you own the place…

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F69 – photos galore

by noizyboy November 14, 2005

There’s some great snaps of the F69 scuttling over in The Sinking of the Wellington flickr photo pool, like this one from Pieter Pieterse. Thankfully this particular Wellingtonista lives just around the corner from the Bay, so didn’t have to brave the heavy traffic and sometimes incomprehensively inconsiderate parking of the many people who had […]

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F69 sinking postponed all go!

by noizyboy November 13, 2005

It’s all on. The wind speeds given in the marine forecast are still vaguely border-line, but it’s nice and sunny, and the swell isn’t too big, so, why not? Indeed – too windy, so postponed until tomorrow: 3pm, Sunday 13th November. Check the official site for details.

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F69 scheduled to go down this weekend

by noizyboy November 10, 2005

Yes indeed, unless the wind gets up too much, this Saturday (12 Nov) at 3pm, the ex-Frigate F69-Wellington is going to be scuttled off the south coast, between Island and Houghton Bays (just to the East of Tapu Teranga – the island of Island Bay). There’s probably going to be a heap of people going […]

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